Avira – Award Winning Gujarati Short Film (GTPL Creative Reel Film Festival 2019 BEST FILM)


The movie shows about how living through life turns into a
great struggle, after the death of the husband, for a woman in
a patriarchal society. Especially, when the woman is a young
lady and she is forced to strangle her own needs as the people
around her stands on the total dismissal of her individual right
to lead a happy life, the struggle is mightier than one can
imagine. However, just a spark of hope is enough to reform or
abandon the establishment which suffocates a human out of
the fear of the orthodox. Meaning Of Avira In Sanskrit is
Widow And Meaning of Avira in Gujarati Is Brave and Strong.

Film “AVIRA” won First Prize in GTPL Creative Reel Short Film Festival 2019-2020 . It was organised by a GTPL TV channel.

Directed by- Dhruv Patel
Produced by – Jainuel Peterson , Abhinav Shah And Pooja Patel
Actors -Jainuel Peterson ,Neha Suthar ,Madhuja Munia & Vijaydan Gadhavi
Cinematographer-Abhinav Shah and Jay Patel
Music AND Film Edited by -Dipev Patel

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