Lockdown Ke Lootere | लॉकडाउन के लूटेरें | Hindi Short Film | Unseen Misal


A Big Thank You To All Our NGO’s Trustee And Local People Donating Food For A Needy Family

This video is all about Awarness related to corona virus ( covid-19) .
Where People Are Still Not Aware and Taking Things Causally.As There Are Lot Of People Who Have Their Grocery Stores, Vegetable Markets and Needy Thing.As They Are Charging Some Extra Amount From People Just To Earn Some Extra Money.And Not Having any Idea As They are doing corruption In this epidemic time .
As People Like Office boy ,Maids And Other Ground Level Staff Working For 8 hrs in this Suitation They Are Not Getting Their Salaries On time. This Is To All who are involved. Please Stop This Corruption and Try to help people who are Needy.
This is To Motivate All the Frontliners Who are Working Hard Day and Night To Save Our Country From This Virus .
Guys Try To Understand This Suitation Its Only You Who Can Save Your Family As Well As Our Nation Also. Have Some Courtesy To All Our Frontliner. As They Have Their Family Eagerly Waiting For Them To Return Home And in Hopes.

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Written by Akshay Zanjale
Concept by Kunal Gawade
Editing by vishal pawar

Abhishek Monde
Kunal Gawade
Akshay Zanjale
Vaibhav Rambade
Anjali Shingade
Pooja Manna
Tejal Pandit





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