Sanjhi Soch | Hindi Short Film


Farms are becoming fallow in large parts of India. Marginal farmers think it’s better to go to the city and work as a menial, or in some factory (though in the clutches of an unscrupulous contractor) — and still not be counted in the registered organized labour category.
Sanjhi Soch shows how collective farms can not only prosper — but also cut down unnecessary migration to the cities. This is very much needed today, as thousands have fled back to their villages, facing an uncertain future in the lockdowned cities. India’s submerged 9/10th population come to the cities — forsaking their village livelihood. For what? Better living! But do they get that?
This reverse migration is an opportunity for the marginal farmers — and our governments (Central and state) to do some rethink.

Birbaha Hansda
Kali Prasad Mukherjee
Dashrath Hansdah
Raju Mitra
Uma Sharma
Sanjay Sonu
Anita Singh
& Ganga Rani Thapa

Written and Directed by: Prabal Mahto
DOP: Jugal Debata
Editor: A S Kumar & Neet Mahto
Produced by: Priyadarshan Pathak & Pramila Mahto




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