Hindi Drama Short Film – Sorry | Not asking for forgiveness on time can be fatal


The story of veer, a regular but timid office going guy who is content with his life and knows his drawbacks, mainly not being able to stand up for his most important people in the most wanting situations but is still okay with that until an accident triggers of something very brutal and violent in his head leading to a series of unthinkable events.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Amaan Asif
Writer: Amaan Asif
Producer: the cold brew film company
Music and Background score: Abhinav R Kaushik
Sound Design: Tamzid Rahman
Editor: Akash Makkar
Cinematographer: Kshitij Singh
Actors: ajay mehra – Ashish Pandey, Arrchita Agarwal – Neha singh, ajay mann – naman, veer kumar – Amaan asif

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  1. Bhaiiiii..ek story me b batau…. ek police wale ne befijul wardi ka rob jhadne ke liye mujhe police thane me slap mara mujhe dhakka diya meri bejti kr di bc… Wo b bina karan… Uss din se 6 month tak to me shant raha… Or after six month baad jab mahole normal hua tab moka dekh kr mene or mere 7 frnds ne muh pr rumaal band kr uski esi pitayi ki uska pakka bed rest hua hoga 6 month ka… Bc kisi ki bejti krne se pahle ek baar soch lo ki wo kya kya kr sakta hai so don't underestimate the power of common men💪… Or ab kuch kahege police wale ko ni marna… to bhai esa hai bina baat kr police b aapko kuch na kahe to hi better hai.. ni to khopdi garam sabki hoti hai or kisi ki mere jesi b hoti hai😁😁😁😁😁 and people Say I am Phycho…Ye banao bana sakte to
    😝 its only story 😜😀😀😀😀


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