Tamas | Short Film | Adhvik Mahajan | Rashami Desai


During these testing times we have faced isolation, loneliness and even desperation. But life always finds a way. Relationships can develop in the unlikeliest of places.

This is a story of one such relationship



  1. I can't believe this !
    Why does religion always come in between ?
    You know such series do nothing but make the divide between Hindus or Muslims even more wider. Why don't you share some good stories ?
    A lot of Muslim women work in my locality and none of them ever faced such discrimination (atleast that's what they tell our maid at the time of riots)
    Please don't create such kind of series to defame one religion and promote another. That's not even true spirit of secularism!
    Edit :
    I Iive in Delhi. The riots refer to Delhi riots

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  4. He is so selfish. How according to his comfort he took out the ring then again wear it with besharmi.. Like now I don't need u so no engagement then I'm not having anyone now let's get back to that engaged girl.. Seriously 🤷‍♀.. Btw beautiful msg ❤

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