THE OLIVE COLOUR |Manipuri Short Film|Moy|চর্ফুন মচুগী ঈনাফি| Saratchand Thiyam


THE OLIVE COLOUR |A Manipuri Short Film|Moy|চর্ফুন মচুগী ঈনাফি| Saratchand Thiyam’s Famous Poem in Film Now . A Heart Melting
story of Friendship of Two Girls . They were Very Close to each other in Childhood and the Longingness to stay Together bring them together again after many years But For The Last Time .
The Only Difference Between Them Was the Choice Of Colors .
Linthoi Loved OLIVE Color But Her Friend hated it .
This Olive Colour Changed Everything . How ….
A Film From North East

Story : Saratchand Thiyam (চর্ফুন মচুগী ঈনাফি)
Screenplay & Direction : MOY
Creative Director : Aparna Sarkar
Music : Samir Ranjan Dutta

Actors :
Aparajita Dutta
Sweety (Linthoi)
Ishan & Araddhita

Credits (Background Music)
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  1. Dada akta kotha bolchi kichu mone korben na akhane j bedona ta dekhiyechen seta almost thikache but tar chokhe mukhe koster kono chobi fute uthche na tar dukkho ta se jdi dekhate parto I think seta aro better hoto sada sari pora character r kono reaction nai but the film was great

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