Bheka – Marathi award winning short film | भेका | With English subtitles


Two brothers and the universal question, does God exist? Thousands of gods exist in India, yet people do not see a single one of them. Following this conflict of heart and mind, the story is about the choices that are placed in front of us.
A young boy, Bheka, from a poor family, lives with a simple concept, what is visible or we can feel exists, everything else is just imagination. Thus god, does not exist and its all just about taking a chance. His younger brother, Chottaya, guided by their grandmother, does believe in god but is apprehensive about questioning the actions of his elder brother. The needs and dreams of the mother are simple who though poor, maintains a strong believe in God.
Bheka, while working gets a chance to take away a mobile phone, left by a customer. He with his younger brother enjoys it throughout the night, hidden away from their mother. But the very next day, a police inspector comes searching for them tracking down the mobile. Hearing the story, of their questions on god, he asks just one simple question, if people made the technology, who made them? He says that god will give them many chances, choices on every turn, it is us who must pause before taking the next step ahead.
The day of choices repeats itself, as if déjà vu, and Bheka face the same choices once more. But this time he does the right thing having experienced the results once. But what happened before, was it real, was it a dream or just a way of god showing that however much we may think that the power resides in us to do everything, the power is god himself. The way of god is not just praising him, but it is in following the footsteps which he has shown.




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