Yaatchi (யாட்சி) – 18+ Tamil short film | Thadam Actress Smruthi Venkat | Galatta Short Film

Yaatchi – 18+ Tamil short film | Hithesh Vinithan | Smruthi Venkat, Madhan, Shah

When Srimadhi spoke her mind to her date she was immediately judged to be a characterless girl. Events unfold as she and her friend Arjun have to face the consequences of being progressive in a regressive society.

Cast: Smruthi Venkat, Madhan, Shah, Dhanakodi, Bharath, Ashwin, Karthik Karuppu.
Crew: Hithesh Vinithan (Director), Vanchinathan Murugesan (Director of Photography), Arul Moses (Editor) and Alvino Kalai (Music Director)
Production House: Short Artistries
Genre: Drama

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  1. self-hating Tamils – simply don't want to watch Tamil Nadu born Tamil speaking non-brahmin actresses – they will ONLY watch white girls, north indian girls, Parppana girls, Mallus, Gultis kannadigas – BUT DON"T WANT TO WATCH THEIR OWN GIRLS as heroines. very deep slave-mentality inculcated by centuries of Tam brahm propaganda.


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